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 30-31 January, 2018
London, UK

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  • Speaker Interview | InSilico Medicine

    Polina Mamoshina, Senior Research Scientist at Insilico Medicine shares her perspectives on the current state and future of deep learning tools in drug discovery.

    “Most of the nowadays AI hype is due to the credible achievements in deep learning and reinforcement learning”

  • Past Presentations from Advanced Pharma Analytics 2017

    Enjoy the following presentations:

    1) Identifying, Integrating & Interpreting Real World Data

    By Andrew Bate, Senior Director, Epidemiology Group Lead, Analytics, Pfizer

    2) Cognitive Real World Evidence

    By Michal Rosen-Zvi, Director, Health Informatics, IBM Research

    3) Deep Learning For In Silico And Ab Initio Drug Discovery & Actionable Biomarker Development

    By Polina Mamoshina, Senior Research Scientist, InSilico Medicine 

  • Part III: Presentations from Advanced Pharma Analytics 2016

    This presentation pack contains the following presentations:

    Machine Learning in Causal Inference: Observational Studies and Beyond
    Ricardo Silva, Lecturer, Department, Statistical Sciences, University College London

    De Novo Design in the Cloud: From Mining Big Data to Clinical Candidate
    Jérémy Besnard, CTO, Exscientia

    Drug Repositioning and Indication Expansion Based on Clinical Phenotypic Information
    Lun Yang, Associate Director, Informatics, Bayer

  • Part II: Presentations from Advanced Pharma Analytics 2016

    This presentation pack contains the following presentations:

    Leveraging Functional Genomics Analytics for Target Discovery
    Enrico Ferrero, Scientific Investigator, Computational Biology, GSK

    Going from Traditional to Translational Research
    Imad Yassin, Senior Director, Clinical Solutions, Perkin Elmer Informatics

    Crowdsourcing Biomarker Analysis
    Janette McQuillan, Statistician, Citizen Science, Cancer Research UK

  • Past Presentations on Real World Data & Evidence

    This presentation pack contains the following presentations:

    Real World Data – Role of Collaborations: A Pharma Perspective

    Linda McNamara, Global Head, Strategic Collaborations & Excellence, Real World Data Science, Roche

    Real World Data and Prediction: Challenges and Opportunities

    Tjeerd Van Staa, Professor, Health eResearch, University of Manchester

    Use of Social Media Beyond Pharmacovigilance

    Valery Risson, Health Economics Manager, Novartis